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PS MULTIFUEL OPERATOR             PS Magazine is the Army's preventive maintenance monthly.
PS: Multifuel warm up `                      PS article for drivers for proper warm up of the Multifuel engine.
M35 SYSTEMATIC INSPECTION     Complete diagram of the M35 with descriptions of all components.  Great for the new owner.

TM9-2320-209-10-1-HR                      COEI Covering Contents of Components  of end item, Basic Issue Items Hand Receipt (HR)

LO9-2320-209-12-1                              Lubrication order for the M35, M35A1, and A2

TM9-2320-209-10-1                              Operation, Installation and reference Data Operator level M35 Multifuel

TM9-2320-209-10-2                              Scheduled Maintenance Operator level M35 Multifuel

TM9-2320-209-10-3                               Troubleshooting Operator level M35 Multifuel

TM9-2320-209-10-4                               Maintenance Operator Level M35 Multifuel

TM9-2320-209-20-1                               Scheduled maintenance organizational level M44 series 2-1/2 ton trucks

TM9-2320-209-20-2-1                            Organization level - Troubleshooting Multifuel M35 Part 1 of 2

TM9-2320-209-20-2-2                            Organization level - Troubleshooting Multifuel M35 Part 2 of 2                        

TM9-2320-209-20-3-1                            Organization level Maintenance M35 Multifuel Part 1 of  4

TM9-2320-209-20-3-2                            Organization level Maintenance M35 Multifuel Part 2 of  4 

TM9-2320-209-20-3-3                            Organization level Maintenance M35 Multifuel Part 3of  4

                            Organization level Maintenance M35 Multifuel Part 4 of  4

TM9-2320-209-20P                                 Organization level Maintenance M35 Multifuel repair parts and special tools

TM9-2320-209-34-1                                Troubleshooting Direct and General Support Levels

TM9-2320-209-34-2-1                             Maintenance Direct Support and General Support M35 Multifuel 1 of 3

TM9-2320-209-34-2-2                             Maintenance Direct Support and General Support M35 Multifuel 2 of 3

                             Maintenance Direct Support and General Support M35 Multifuel 3 of 3

SMI 9-2320-209-14&p                            Maintenance, repair parts and instructions  for M44 series with split brake systems

TM9-2320-209-34P                                 Direct and General Maintenance and Support Parts and Special tools

TM9-2320-361-20                                    Technical Manual and Unit Maintenance  (newer TM)

TM9-2320-361-20P                                 Unit Level Maintenance M35 Multifuel  Repair parts and special tools (newer TM)

TM9-2320-361-24-1                                Field and Sustainment Maintenance (newer TM) 1 of 2  (newer TM)

TM9-2320-361-24-2                                Field and Sustainment Maintenance (newer TM) 2 of 2  (newer TM)

TM9-2320-361-24P                                Repair parts and special tools lists Field Sustainment Main.    (newer TM)

                                   Direct Support and General Support Maintenance M35 Multifuel  (newer TM)

TM9-2320-361-34P                                Direct & General Support Maintenance Repair Parts & Special Tools List

LO9-2320-386-12                                   Lubrication order for the M35A3

TM9-2320-386-10                                   Operator manual for M35A3

TM9-2320-386-24-1-1                            Unit, Direct and General Support Maint. TM   M35A3  1 of 2
 (Very large file, right click and download)

TM9-2320-386-24-1-2                            Unit, Direct and General Support Maint. TM   M35A3  2 of 2 
(Very large file, right click and download)

TM9-2320-386-24P                                Unit, Direct and General Support Parts and Special Tools lists M35A3

SB 83809                                                 Maradyne (air assist manufacturer) service bulletin and recommended maintenance

SB 82805                                                 Maradyne (air assist manufacturer) Installation  and recommended maintenance

TM9-2520-246-34                                   Direct Support and General Support Maintenance manual for Transmission 3052

TM9-2520-246-34-1                               Direct Support and General Support Maintenance manual for Transmission 3053A

TM9-2520-246-34P                                Direct Support and General Support Maintenance
Transmissions, Transfers, PTO's

TM 9-3830-206-34p                               Direct and General Support repair parts lists Winch assembly w/ or w/o level winder

M35 3 color CAMO pattern                 3 color NATO camo pattern M35A2  M35A2C

TB 43-0147                                             Color Markings and Camouflage Patterns for Military Equipment  (ca. 1975)

 TB 43-0209                                            Color and Camouflage Markings of Military Eq. and Construction Equipment (ca. 1990)

TM9-2815-210-34-1                               Troubleshooting Direct Support and General Support levels Engine 465 Multifuel   

TM9-2815-210-34-2-1                            Maintenance Direct Support and General Support levels Engine Assembly Multifuel   1 of 2

TM9-2815-210-34-2-2                            Maintenance Direct Support and General Support levels Engine Assembly Multifuel   2 of 2

TM9-2815-210-34P                                Parts and special tool lists Direct Support and Gen. Support levels Engine Assembly Multi.

TM9-2910-226-34                                  Direct and General Support Maintenance (Including Repair parts and special tools lists)
                                                                  For Pump, Fuel metering and distributing assembly

                                                                  2910-178-1185,   2910-759-5410,   2910-908-6320,   2910-968-6317 &   2910-116-8241

Diesel fuel additive test report        This report compares the commonly used additives for ULSD and how well they work.

Dual EGT testing report                    Along with a head gasket change we installed two pyrometers in an LDS465 engine
                                                                in order to establish the temperature differences pre- and post turbo.  Additionally adjusting
                                                                fuel rates to achieve a safe working temperature in the exhaust to avoid engine damage.

TM 9-2990-201-45                                General Support and Depot Maintenance for Schwitzer  Turbocharger, engine assembly
                            `                                    incl. parts & special tools list for models:  4-456,  4D-554, 4D-454C, 4LE-354, 4LE-456

Troubleshooting the Multifuel engine    (Continental manual)  LDS 465-1 Troubleshooting manual LDS Eng.   

Military circuit numbers reference    List of all circuits for military vehicles with circuit numbers for each function.

SINGCARS installation                        TM for installation of SINGCARS radio equipment in Military vehicles.

TM9-1827c Ord. Maint. Wagner Lockheed Brakes    Manual for repair and maintenance of Hydraulic brake systems illustrated.

TB-9-2300-426-20                                  Hydraulic and Air Hydraulic Brakes preventive maintenance Includes important information!

TB43-0002-87                                         BFS Brake fluid replacement procedure

TM9-2815-204-35                            Field and Depot maintenance for Continental LDS 427-2 Turbo supercharged Diesel Engine

TM9-2815-204-34&P                         Parts and Special tool lists for Diesel LDS 427-2

TM9-2920-225-34                                   General and Direct Support Maintenance for the Prestolite and Leece Neville Alternators

TM9-2920-225-34&P                         General and Depot maintenance and parts support Alternators  Prestolite and Leece Neville

TM 9-2920-243-34                                    Maintenance and repair of Leece Neville Starter assemblies M0017-72MB 2920-00-267-9987

TM9-2920-242-35                                    Maintenance and repair Starter, Delco

TM9-2920-248-35                                    Maintenance and repair Starter, Prestolite

LEECE NEVILLE STARTER REPAIR MANUAL   Manufacturer's repair manual for troubleshooting and repair with pictures

Older versions of the TMs for the M34 35 series:

TM9-2320-209-10                                    Early M34/35 Operator's manual including all variants (M60-108, Auger truck and
(Very large file, right click and download)         Expandable van along with all other types gas engine and early Multifuel.   (Published 1965)

TM9-2320-209-20-2                                Service and maintenance manual for older M34/35s Gas and early Multi.
(Published 1965)
 (Very large file, right click and download)

TM9-2320-209-20-3                                Various field modification kits with instructions for additions to the M34/35 
(Published 1965)

(Very large file, right click and download)

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