M54 series Technical Manuals for Download

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LO9-2320-211-12                               Lubrication order for M39 Series 5 Ton 6x6

                         Operator's Manual for 5 ton M39 series trucks multifuel 6x6

TM9-2320-211-10-1                            Operation, Installation and reference data Operator Level M39 series

TM9-2320-211-10-2                            Scheduled Maintenance Operator's level M39

TM9-2320-211-10-3                            Troubleshooting Operator Level M39 series

 TM9-2320-211-10-4                            Maintenance Operator's Level M39

TM9-2320-211-20-1                            Scheduled Maintenance Organizational level 5 Ton M39 series Trucks MULTIFUEL Vol. 1 of 3
TM9-2320-211-20-2-1 `                      Troubleshooting Organizational Level 5 Ton M39 series 6x6 truck  Vol. 2 of 3 part 1 of 2
TM9-2320-211-20-2-2                        Troubleshooting Organizational Level 5 Ton M39 series 6x6 Truck Vol. 2 of 3 part 2 of 2

TM9-2320-211-20-3-1                         Maintenance Organizational Level 5 Ton M39 series 6x6 trucks Vol. 3 of 3 part 1 of 2

TM9-2320-211-20-3-2                         Maintenance Organizational Level 5 Ton M39 series 6x6 trucks Vol. 3 of 3 part 2 of 2

TM9-2320-211-20                                Maintenance manual Truck Chassis 5 ton M39 series

TM9-2320-211-20P                             Organizational level Parts and special tool lists M39 Series 6x6 5 Ton 

TM9-2320-211-34-1                            Direct and general Support Troubleshooting M39 series 5 ton 6x6

TM9-2320-211-34-2-1                        Direct and General Support Maintenance for M39 series 5 ton 6x6  Engine to rear axles 1 of 4
TM9-2320-211-34-2-2                         Direct and General Support level M39 series 5 ton "Brakes through Body" 2 of 4

TM9-2320-211-34-2-3                        Direct and General Support level M39 series 5 ton series Winch, hoist cranes pto etc. 3 of 4

TM9-2320-211-34-2-4                         Direct and General Support level M39 series 5 ton  series body Access. & ref. 4 of 4

TM 9-2320-211-34&P                          Direct and General Support and Maintenance repair parts  M39 series

TM9-2320-211-35                               Direct, and General Support and Depot maintenance M39 series 5 ton Trucks

TM9-8028                                             Operational and Organizational Maintenance M39 series 5 ton truck all variants.(Incl.Gassers)

TM9-2815-210-34P                            Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Repair Parts and Special tools list

TB-9-2300-426-20                              Hydraulic and Air Hydraulic Brakes Preventative Maintenance

TB43-0002-87                                     BFS Brake fluid replacement procedure

DMWR 9-3830-501                             Repair and Maintenance Gar Wood Winch w/ level winder  Front 20,000# and Rear 45,000#


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